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Traditional Karate

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Premier Martial Arts Facility for Children!

About Us

Welcome to the Lincoln Karate Clinic

We are home to the area’s finest martial artists in the karate style of Taishin Karate. At this school you will be welcomed into a group of fine young people from all different backgrounds. We specialize in training children and youth whom train in their specialized classes in this place we call a dojo.

Karate students from all different backgrounds enjoy learning karate, ancient weapons and self-defense while maintaining the highest of standards in the martial arts.

We once again welcome you to the Lincoln Karate Clinic and hope you will spend some time reading about us and visiting our website. Also, we invite you at anytime to join our ongoing classes and begin your journey with us in Taishin Karate!

About Taishin Karate

Taishin Karate is a form of karate started by Mr. Scott Walls. The name Taishin can be broken down like this: Tai (endure or persevere) Shin (core or heart) and karate means empty hand. The name implies that practitioners of this style of karate have persistence about them; they can endure, sweat and pay the price to get to a better place in their life. Without some level of suffering or hardship, joy and peace are difficult to experience. Karate training is about improving oneself and helping others while learning an effective way to defend yourself. By gaining knowledge in self-defense and conditioning ones body, a person can live peacefully, without fear.

Taishin Karate training teaches people to believe in themselves and to become more confident in their ability. Karate training should be challenging and push people to their limits; yet it also needs to be intriguing and fun or the student will not continue. Karate also needs to be usable for the student, or it is really a waste of time.

Taishin Karate is a system of unarmed self-defense that allows a person of any size or ability to practice and defend themselves if needed. Taishin has its roots in Okinawan Karate. Katas such as Sanchin, Sei San and San Sei Ryu are still practiced even though they are very old. These katas are practiced to preserve the art and learn the movements. Integration of the ancient ways with more modern techniques such as evasion and simple defensive tactics is the essence of Taishin Karate.

In class students can expect to do exercises, drills, games, forms and practice with a partner to learn the many different aspects of this style. Students can start at anytime and no previous experience is necessary.

Begin Karate Now!

There are many aspects that separate our karate school from other schools and activities. Review this list and realize that the Lincoln Karate Clinic is much more than a place where students learn to kick and punch; rather we strive to change people’s lives by providing each student with an emotional and physical journey to learn and experience all that karate has to offer.

The Mission of a Martial Artist

  • To Endure, to sweat, to pay the price
  • To push beyond all known limits
  • To better oneself as well as others.
  • To fight only for the positive choice.
  • To defend against what is harmful.
  • To pave the way so that others may follow.
  • This is the quest of a true fighter. This is the spirit of karate.

At LKC you will find:

  • Lincoln’s Premier Martial Arts Facility for Children
  • Traditional Karate for the modern day student!
  • Home to the acclaimed K.I.C.K.S. Program!
  • All Instructors are personally trained by Mr. Scott Walls.
  • Mr. Walls is a Nationally Certified Mental Health Counselor
  • LKC keeps First Aid supplies on hand.
  • Self-defense/stranger danger in every single class!
  • Anti bullying and character enhancement lessons.
  • Referral rewards program for current students.
  • Basic, intermediate, advanced and specialty programs.
  • LKC has an AED machine available during all classes.
  • Mr. Walls is trained and licensed to work with children, teens and adults with mental health, behavioral, learning and developmental issues.
  • LKC is independently owned and operated.
  • A very safe, clean and friendly environment.
  • Monthly, informative newsletter for all students.
  • A non competitive atmosphere where everyone participates.
  • Student need based curriculum. We teach material that students need.
  • LKC frequently conducts school fundraisers!

About the Director

Mr. Walls is the founder and Director of the Lincoln Karate Clinic, Inc. He is the Chief Instructor for Taishin Ryu Karate, and all other associated programs. Mr. Walls is the director of the organization and oversees all rank testing and organization functions.

Mr. Walls began his training in a style of Okinawan Karate called Pang Gai Noon Ryu. This style of karate has its roots in three style of Chinese Kung Fu. Mr. Walls later developed Taishin Karate after starting LKC in 1998.

Mr. Walls also maintains a private practice and provides mental health and consultation services for a variety of issues with specialization in children and adolescent behavior issues. Past experiences included a 3 year position as an adjunct professor teaching ethics and psychology classes and the co-founder of a domestic violence treatment group and has also provided many self-defense lectures and lessons.

Mr. Walls brings to the martial arts world a number of strong credentials. He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, a master’s degree in mental health counseling and is licensed in the State of Nebraska as a licensed mental health practitioner and licensed professional counselor. Mr. Walls is also nationally certified as a clinical mental health counselor by the National Board of Certified Counselors.

Products we offer

At Lincoln Karate Clinic we offer a wide selection of products to best enhance your martial arts training.

  • Uniforms
  • Sparring Equipment
  • Weapons
  • Training gear
  • Apparel
  • Fitness Related Items